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Looking for an online typing job

March 15, 2017

Are you looking for an online job? Typing job online will be a great option if you prefer working at home. Working at home can give you freedom to follow your own schedule. You can work whenever you want.  Typing job online is home based, as long as you have internet connection, a computer and typing skills in this kind of opportunity. You can do it as your part time job. You can earn high income without investing anything from your own pocket. By simple typing, you can also make it as your full-time income every month. Doing your typing job online with honesty can give you bountiful rewards. Your payment depends on the kind of project that you are doing.

There are no fixed rates in typing job online because it depends on the agreement between you and your superior. Typing job online is doing simple tasks, involving typing content into Microsoft word. Your employer will send you some scanned images then you will be the one who will write about it.
Typing job online needs fast internet connection because it can affect your job if you have poor internet connection. Freelancers need to get an access from different websites. After you have finished your work you must submit using your reliable internet connection so that your employer will receive it immediately.

Typing job online is considered as part time opportunity. You can make a living in this home based online job. You can try online programming and content writing so that you can use it to apply for coding and copy writing projects that can offer you higher pay cheque.
Normal sites can offer you typing job online with a highest rate. The top paying online jobs include programming, designing logos, and even creating websites. If you are looking for a highest income you can work from both micro and normal sites.

Simple typing job online involve getting your source from the scanned image then you will be the one who will type its content in computer file. This kind of typing content project use Microsoft word. Copy-paste content will be used in doing data entry. Data entry will make you search all files about specific information then you will copy and paste it to another Excel sheet. You will be the one to open buyer’s shopping website then you will add the product information to the database.

Typing job online is easy just like a data entry. All the information that you need is already given. You just need to type the provided information in a website and file. These online jobs are both simple and easy. Today typing job online is very common for every freelancer who is willing to work online. Even though you are staying at home you can also earn income without applying for any office jobs. Even though you have permanent job you can also make it as your part time job that can be your other source of income. Everyone who is willing to work as a freelancer through online you are welcome to do this typing job online.


Work at home typing projects

March 5, 2017

Datapostingjobs(dot).in Review- Is it Scam?

February 23, 2017

Datapostingjobs(dot)in is 100% scam website. The reason is simple why we have to pay anyone to get a job. We are doing jobs to get paid not pay to anyone. They are promoting their ads on internet to trap people like you. In their website they said that “We are in need worker for copy and paste”. What a joke there are several free software available for this work, Then why anyone hire candidates for this work.

This is totally a bullshit they are looting you in the name of work from home. They also said that no experience required , Hahahaha this is the second joke. First time I saw that they don’t want experience of the employee.

Look at above details, I took snapshot of datapostingjobs(dot).in

Now I am explaining their Huge bullshit:

They said that you can work from anywhere and also at your own time. They don’t want their work on time because they don’t have any real work. Don’t worry joke will continue , They don’t want to work daily, they only want to pay you.

Now look at their payment proof they only show cheque but there is no proof  of the delivery of cheque. To join this website they charge the membership fee, This is the master stroke of work from home scam. They are advertising the requirement related to work from home copy paste jobs to make money from you. They are not giving anything to you.

So be aware of this scam and always remember never to pay to anyone for jobs. You will get real job always on your skill or talent.

Earn Huge Amount of Money with Typing Jobs at Home

February 22, 2017

Typing jobs at home are now becoming the mainstay jobs of a lot of people who want to earn money at the comforts of their homes. With Moms who usually want to take good care of their children at home, college students who want to earn extra cash, disabled people who don’t have the ability to travel and retired folks can accept typing jobs at home.

There are several typing jobs at home opportunities that you can indeed be a part of. The good thing is that the internet will give people the opportunity to virtually connect to employers online.

Kinds of Typing Jobs at Home

Three of the best and most common typing jobs at home include freelance writers, virtual assistant and data entry.

  1. Data Entry

Data entry is primarily consisted of different things like placing some online ads, online surveys, legal or medical transcription and a lot more.  In this type of job, you will be required to enter numbers, customer information, medical records and all other items in a special form of software. Data entry worker are trained in this type of job and are often required to have higher school education.

  1. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer writes forum entries, articles, blogs, newsletters, website texts, and even emails. This type of typing job at home requires excellent writing skills and not just typing skills. Contracts for this type of job are short that could range from one to three months only. If you will have a good job, expect that they may ask for your service over again. They will also give you a huge amount of income in the end.

  1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant worker could perform a lot of secretarial responsibilities and duties like scheduling appointments and meetings, dictating reports and letters, handling correspondence or managing and researching projects.

All these three typing jobs at home require typing skills and the use of spreadsheet, software programs and word processing. All these jobs can give you a huge amount income in return. This is also provided that you will perform with your best skills in your typing job.

How to Find Typing Jobs at Home

Typing jobs at home can offer a great way to earn extra money at the comforts of your home. You somehow need to be literate in typing and computing skills. You do not need to be an excellent typist but you need to be accurate and excellent in your grammar skills.

If you want to look for typing jobs at home, the internet can be your instrument for this goal. The internet offers typing classified advertisement for companies who are in dire need of a typist. Nevertheless, you need to be very cautious because there are some typing jobs at home which are legitimate. Some of them are also scams.  Avoid those typing jobs at home that only offer quick money and do not require any experience.  Real typing jobs at home require skills and experience.

If you really want to earn money at the quickest time possible, don’t miss out the chance searching for the best typing jobs at home. Through this job, you will earn a huge amount of income just at the comforts of your home!

How to get typing jobs online

February 21, 2017

Typing and data entry is the most common word on the internet, when you are looking in to the field of online work from home jobs. Many people wondering how to start or how to do because these type of work does not require any type of special skills. The more you type the more you earn. So the question arise where to find the best job offer regarding online typing work.

Where to find best typing work offer?

The answer is Freelancer.

There are lots of resources available on internet but here I will find the best one for you. Freelancer is the best platform to get typing and data entry projects. You to make signup on freelancer it is easy no need any kind of technical skills. Here you can find numerous amounts of projects. You have to make bids on that project according to your interest. Now if employers accept your bid then bingo you got the projects. Now complete your projects in the given deadline and  get paid for that.

How to make bid for win on freelancer:

Always be sure that your employer is genuine , Because you are doing work for payment. Get the verified employer is necessary to make carrier in freelancer. So please verify the payment method from your employer. That means you have to apply bid on genuine employer. Do not make too low bid because you are here to make some profit not loss. Always make reasonable bid to get the projects because it makes some sense to run long term business. Never share personal details to anyone. Privacy is the first online protection, wrong employer can sold your details to advertisement companies and they can disturb you by promotional calls and sms.

Always try to get high star rating by completing your project. Don’t miss your deadline , always give some extra to your client. So that they can hire you again and again. Good profile with best rating can boost your online carrier.

How to find the trusted typing jobs

February 20, 2017

HI, I am writing this post for online job seeker. Many people thought that it’s a very hard or something very complex but it’s not truth. This work is very easy doing, Now in online jobs the most popular term is typing and data entry jobs. You can do this directly from home because it does not require high equipment or investment. Your employer will send a pdf file or scanned document by email you have to just download this on your computer and make typing in ms office word or notepad according to your clients instruction. When you completed your task you will be get paid by your employer.

But the twist comes there are lots of scam on internet in the name of typing and data entry jobs. May be you faced a hard time to find the genuine jobs offer because of these ridiculous scam website. So here our role comes we filter the scam job offer for you. So by the use of our service you find and join the trusted work from home job offer. Please noted down that our all services are free and we did not charge any type of fee, Its completely without investment.

Now the question are rising how to start the work from home typing. First of my advice is that please enter in to this field only in one condition if you have good typing skills. Because typing skills is the key factor  in this job for those who are making nice amount of money in their spare time. In mostly cases payout is weekly basis. You can join this jobs by making signup on our website.

How to make money with article writing jobs

February 12, 2017

Are you interested in earning some bucks by writing an article, If your answer is yes then this article is for you. Article writing is always a profitable work from home. You can generate a steady income by this.

Where to find an article writing jobs:

You can find this job on upwork, olx ,freelancer . These websites contains many job offers like article writing. You have to find the best offer that suits your needs. You can also negotiate your payments and work details   with the work provider. Always remember one thing  don’t deliver article in advance always accept payment before delivering article. For the security purpose don’t share financial information to any one on web. Always use paypal or other kind of payment processor.

Fiverr is the best place to sell your article:

Fiverr is best for those people who have good writing skills. You have to create an account on fiverr. It does not cost you anything. Create a Gig like “ I will write a 500 words article in English language”. Many sellers get 20 to 30 orders per day and they earned like 100 to 200 dollars daily. So in my view fiverr is the best marketplace. You have to give quality and unique articles to your buyers. Do not try to trick your buyers ever because quality is very important to run long term business. Best quality articles give you best rating on fiverr and it will increase your sales like a rocket in the sky.

Publish your articles at own blog:

 You can also publish your article on your own blog and make money by putting ads. I will tell you in details. You have to create a blog on blogger or wordpress and publish your article. You article bring a visitor for your blog and you can convert your visitor in to money by putting advertisement on blog. It can be very profitable if you can attract more readers for your articles.

By facebook page:

Sell article writing service on facebook page is good idea. It is very easy become more popular now these days. You have to just create facebook page and describe yourself with skills and ability. Share your page in popular groups and clubs. By this you attract more number of customers and its increase the sale of article writing services.

By following these tips you can generate a steady income in article writing. One of the most important tips is “Do your work with fun”.


How to become a pro affiliate marketer and earn up to $1000 per day

February 10, 2017

Affiliate marketing at its finest
Before you are able to jump right into the world of affiliate marketing, you have to familiarize yourself with the needs of the market. 

      1.    Establish yourself 
Before you can even begin to market products online, you must first have your own dedicated following and your own regular traffic. Those who are loyal subscribers to your blog/media outlets will then be intrigued by the products that you are promoting. One way to do this is to build an email list. This will draw in readers who are awaiting to hear from you, and divert their attention from some of the competition. 
      2.  Promote the products you use
When you regularly use the products you are promoting, it will give you a sense of comfort, because you know exactly the kinds of products that your subscribers will purchase. Think of it like this, would you have promoted this product even if their wasn’t an affiliate program and income coming in from it? 

      3.  Use multiple sources to promote the product
Do not limit yourself to only posting the ads on your website when there are many other ways of getting the word out there. The more attention that you're bringing to the product, the more money you can make. 

      4.  Know the product
Make sure to conduct research on the product before you begin promoting it. Not exactly what the product is because if you use it you should know, but more along the lines of the demand of it. Ask yourself if you think this product will be something that your viewers would need/want. If you're unsure of this, you can conduct a survey on your site to find out. 

      5.  Search for opportunities
Once you start to gain more attention the affiliate programs will naturally start to find you, but it doesn’t hurt to see what’s out there also. If there is a product that you use often and truly enjoy, then it might be a good idea to look into it to see if there is an available affiliate program that you could join. 

      6.  Make sure you choose the right merchant
When you are promoting something you are not only backing the product itself, but the image of the company, and the people who are running it. Make sure that the business you are supporting is able to satisfy their customers. Making the wrong choice will not only hurt your chances of making money, but it can also damage your credibility. 

How to earn by clicking pictures on your camera

February 4, 2017

If you are taking pictures on your camera for fun, then I want to tell  that you can also making money from your photo. Its sounds exciting yes it is. On internet there are lots of websites are ready to pay you for your pictures. Now you can turn your camera in to a money making machine.

After research on this topic now I am writing this article, So that reader can make money by taking pictures or images. Here I list the few places on web where you can earn money by uploading or selling your photos.


 It is the Android apps available on Google play store. You have to install this app on your phone or tablets. Now after installation upload your photo on any genre ( According to your wish). After some modification your photo will be present on (It is the biggest photo marketplace). You will get paid on each sale of your photo, remember your photo can be sold to multiple peoples on multiple times.


101img is a website, here you can earn with your uploaded images on the rate of per visitor. Upload you image and share your file with your friends on social network. Earn $5 per 1000 views I know the payout is low but you can cover it by the number of images. I will explain to you with example:

Suppose you uploaded 1000 images and every images get 10 views per day. Then total number of  views in one day is 10000. Your one day income is  $10. So you monthly income will be $300 by this minimum estimation. It is the good way to earn online by just clicking a picture.

Picable is also a good option:

Picable is a another option for earning  by uploading pictures. The concept is same upload pics and make money. Picable is the partner of Triond, They give you royalties on monthly basis and the structure and business model of this website is 100% genuine. You earn lots of money from this website. You can also browse unlimited number of photos in their database and also gain some idea to increase revenue from you photos.

So you can try these 3 option and get some quick money for your needs all information is collected from internet with proper research and analysis. So try it and leave your thought as a comment so that other user can also gain some knowledge on this topic.

Part time typing jobs

February 1, 2017

Many individual are doing work from home because it is very comfortable for students, moms and retired person. Data entry and typing jobs is available on our website. If you are interested in this job offer then you can start without any investment.

In this website you can enroll yourself in free of cost. Many employers looking for online jobs seeker like you. Mostly students and retired person always interested in some kind of part time work. So our team designed this platform where employer and job seeker can find their suitable stuff. All free jobs offers available in our data base.

Why we are different from others?

This website designed to ease your job searching problems. In data entry and typing jobs online there are lots scam or trick emerge every day, But don’t worry we designed this website to serve you in free so there is not fear to trap in any online job scam. Now may be you thought that why we are giving our service in free of cost. The answer is simple we charge the fee from employer not from job seeker. So in this model only serious employer can contact you for their job offer and all the scam and bogus job offer filtered.

How this model works?

At the time of signup in our website you have to fill your details like email, address, payment method etc. According to your details we create a profile for you and our team will send this profile to all enrolled employer. Employer will select you according to their work requirement. After the completion of selection process, we will contact to you and discuss the project details. If you agree to join the work, we will make you joining.

How payment model works?

Payment will work on weekly or monthly according to your project and location. Paypal payments  are faster, mostly it will take only a week.

Can we do this job from mobile or tablet?

The answer is yes you can do the job assignment from mobile or tablet. We are available on google play store. Open your play store and search with the “typing jobs”, then  download and install our free app. Now by installing our app your phone will convert in to a money making device.

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